Icon Visions has collaborated 6 times with danish artist Jada.

2019: Icon Visions designed a custom-made look for Jada and her backup singers for the “P3 Guld” award show. All designs were made in mesh fabrics with Jada’s album cover as print.

2020: Icon Visions designed custom-made looks for Jada and her backup singers. One look was inspired by the iconic denim look by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake when they appeared together for the 2001 American Music Awards. All looks were made by upcycled denim.
Another look was our own take on wedding dresses, inspired by Madonna’s more dark and dirty looks in the 1980’s.

2021: Icon Visions designed custom-made looks for Jada’s performance at Roskilde Festival’s Orange Scene.

2022: Icon Visions created looks and art direction for the albumcover for “Nudes”.

2023: Icon Visions designed custom-made looks and wardrobe for the “Wild Hearts” summer tour. We created four different outfits for Jada and full outfits for backup singers and band.
Icon Visions also designed the tour merchandise.

Online since: 2019-2023
Category: Icon custom design, art-direction, production
Designer: Icon Visions x Mads Nørgaard
Designer: Icon Visions x Jada